History and Goals

The Tiphne Darshay Hollis Foundation is a faith-based organization started by the Hollis family in honor of their daughter, Tiphne Hollis.  On March 20, 2010, Tiphne was taken away by a malicious act of violence.  In honor of Tiphne, the foundation will join with other organizations and concerned citizens to help the ongoing fight against senseless violence in our communities
We partner with area businesses and individual donator foundations of effective problem solving and crime prevention activities.  The TDH Foundation strives to promote core values and instill a sense of purpose in all individuals who have been directly affected by senseless violence in our city.
TDH Foundation Giving

Our Mission

VALUES: Making a difference in our local communities against violent crimes.

Geographical Reach: Duval County and outlying counties 

(Ultimate Goal: National Reach)

Purpose: Establish a legacy of giving, by encouraging volunteerism,
promote crime awareness, and stimulate monetary and in-kind donations
for college scholarship endowments, Back to School Drives, and future TDH events.

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Justice For Tiphne Darshay Hollis Is Our Mission!